Location: Hamilton, Bermuda

Today’s blog should really start with last night when Anthony, Dre, and Colm thought it would be a great idea to dye their mustaches with box dye. The color was called “jet black’… yikes. This morning started with some yogurt and granola. After that, we brought up our anchor and got ready for the pilot to come to take us to Hamilton, another anchorage on the other side of the island. During the short passage over, we had a few classes, first starting with oceanography, where we had our quiz, which went pretty well. After that, we watched “Our Planet – Coastal Seas” with David Attenborough, which was very interesting and got everyone smiling and excited about the ocean.

After that, Leoni and Adelaide prepared a class for us about writing and citing scientific papers properly. We all needed a little bit of extra help with that, especially as we have a few papers coming up. After that, we had leadership, where we discussed the differences between the leadership skills shown here on Vela and the leadership skills that were used in the movie we watched, “White Squall.” After class, it was lunchtime, and we came up on deck to find ourselves anchored in Hamilton, which is very pretty.

For lunch, we had some great pasta cooked by Calum. After lunch, we got to go into town for the afternoon. Maddie, Andrea, and I went to a laundromat to do some much-needed laundry. After that, we walked around town and explored the beautiful city. Hamilton is actually the capital of Bermuda, so there was a lot to see. We also got some really good frozen yogurt. I topped mine with caramel and cookie dough, which was so amazing. After that, we went back to the pickup stop and waited for Tom to come to pick us up.

For dinner, the staff got us pizza, which was greatly appreciated, so thank you to them! Anthony also came back to a boat with a new friend, “tiny G’ who you’ll see in some of the pictures below flying behind the boat. Now it’s clean-up time, and we have a good amount of homework to do, which will certainly keep us busy tonight. That’s it for today, hope everyone is doing good back home!

picture 1: Anthony with Tiny G still close to the boat

picture 2: my frozen yogurt with caramel and cookie dough

picture 3: the pizza

picture 4: Maddie, Andrea, Megan, Mack, Colm, Jordan, Charlie

picture 5: Smash tryna dodge my picture with her foot and Shona eating pizza in the background

picture 6: Charlie, Bennitt, and Max

picture 7: Sonnet, Greg, Leoni, Hannah, and Ethan

picture 8: Tiny G getting a little farther away

picture 9: Tiny g reallyyyyyyyyyy far away attached to the fishing pole

picture 10; Anthony and Dre AND their mustaches

Picture 11: Sonnet, Andrea, Maddie, and Val