Location: Tioman, Malaysia

This morning saw our arrival into the anchorage on the West coast of Tioman. As we crept into the anchorage, the sunlight revealed the 1000m peak veiled in clouds towering above the bay. As the morning progressed, the constant breeze of the North-East monsoon picked up, causing the moisture-laden cloud to scatter off the summit and dissolve into the sky of the South West towards Singapore and the starting point of this short passage. Once the usual post-passage stowage and tidying were done on deck, it was time for a brief rest before the mighty boom swing was set up. With some re-running of lines and man-handling of the boom, we were ready to fly. The rest of the morning up to lunch was spent either swinging through the air, dropping into the water, or spectating from the chart house roof, all accompanied by the constant sound of laughter and cheers, especially when the occasional belly flop echoed around the bay. The afternoon was taken up mostly by class, with OCB and MTE the features of the day, but what better way to unwind after class than to hit the swing again for a little while. As the sun sinks toward the Western horizon, and the dense jungle that runs right down to the beach starts to come alive with its night-time inhabitants, laughter still tumbles down the chart house companionway. Spirits are high as we recommence our travels through Asia, off the beaten track or the course less sailed. So ends this day.