Location: The Pitons, St. Lucia

Today we woke up at Rodney Bay Marina. After we ate breakfast, we had a seamanship class with Drew. While waiting for our fridge to be given new life, we were granted some free time ashore, where many, if not all, decided to take a nice long hot shower to make up for all the ones we had missed. Around lunchtime, we departed from the dock and made our way to a mooring at Petit Piton. While underway, we did some seamanship activities, like learning more about how to tie cleat knots and coil lines. Once we got to our mooring, we had about an hour or two of downtime before we ate a wonderful dinner made by Syd.

Photo 1: Seamanship practice on deck
Photo 2: Successful bowline tiers in sight of the Pitons
Photo 3: Heather is full of joy as we approach the Pitons
Photo 4: Waring and the Pitons
Photo 5: The Pitons!!!!
Photo 6: Sean and Petit Piton after getting on the mooring