Location: Tobago Cays, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

After a quick 18 hour passage, we have made it from Barbados to Tobago Cays!!! Tobago Cays is not to be confused with Tobogan Cay’s, Tabagin Keys, or Taboogin Kees. Coming into the islands felt like a movie; specifically, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl because the island that he gets marooned on is currently off of our starboard aft quarter. Allie was our glorious professor in leadership, where she led a discussion on values or our lack thereof. After class, we realized that Argo was anchored, which means we jumped into much-missed ocean showers. Some of us took this as an opportunity to swim and work on our amazing lunch of mac and cheese and fresh green beans. The sunset was the perfect backdrop for Timothy’s PSCT class in the cockpit. Other students took this time to ketchup on academic work and enjoyed the view. After the sunset, we had breakfast for dinner, which was another amazing meal created by Steph. Our second course consisted of a chocolate chip cookie cake because it was Joseph’s 30th birthday!!!!!! We sang happy birthday until we perfectly harmonized. I would like to formally apologize to Mrs. Kloepfer for not getting a picture of Jay blowing out his candles, but I hope the picture attached makes up for it :). Finally, we are ending this day with a movie night to obviously watch the Pirates of the Caribbean.