Location: Pinching Bay, Antigua

We woke up. So did Tom.

I woke everyone up at 7 this morning to find them sleeping soundly in their bunks. This was my first-day being skipper, so I felt really guilty to be waking everyone up. In preparation for the upcoming day, everyone gathered up on deck and awaited further instructions. Some people went scuba diving, and others remained on the boat to study. My group attempted to scuba dive, but we deemed it unsuccessful after the low visibility in the water. Despite the poor conditions, it was still a really fun and eventful morning. We had several conversations on the dinghy, which was really fun and eventful. Everyone is really excited and eager to get their certifications. The people who were already certified went on a navigation dive. This was fun. And also exciting.

After returning to the boat, we had lunch, burrito bowls, and banana bread made by our chef team of Tom, Bennit, and Mackenzie, followed by marine biology and leadership class. Still, I am not really a fan of homeostasis. After our classes, we all jumped off the boat to swim in the ocean, a daily activity that everyone frequently looked forward to. After this, we all had dinner as we watched the sunset on the horizon and shared stories amongst ourselves. Since I was the skipper for today, I got to ask everyone a question, and I asked everyone about a dream they have had since coming on the boat. Everyone had really interesting stories, such as one about Lady Gaga asking to be murdered by Patty Lapone and one where Colm created a baby clone of himself.

Photo 1: Tom.
Photo 2: Bennit, Meghan, and Maddie on deck before lunch. They aren’t posing for me; they are posing for Tom.
Photo 3: Preparing for class! Wheres Tom?
Photo 4: Tom, just kidding, it is Andrea and Valentina.
Photo 5: Maddy during cleaning jobs. Not pictured: Tom.
Photo 6: Sonnet, Anthony, Maddie, and I before class. And also Tom was there.