Location: Andritxol, Mallorca

This morning the crew of Argo was woken up to the sounds of Jack Johnson and the delicious smells of fresh spice cake. After breakfast clean up, we prepared to leave Palma and prep for a day of diving in Andritxol. Andritxol was just around the bend from Palma, so it was a beautiful, quick cruise. When we arrived, we filled our hungry bellies with homemade tomato soup. Making the soup was quite the show today in the Argo galley. Apparently, our blender has seen better days. The lid has lost its airtight seal, so Kris and Karl enjoyed a tomato soup shower before serving up a tasty meal. After lunch, the final checkout dives took place, and we are excited to announce that everyone has passed! Argo now carries 14 more PADI open water scuba divers, and we are all anxious to reach Caribbean waters when we can look at more than each other! Captain Sam announced today that the students in the PSCT (Professional Skipper and Crew Training Class) would be taking over Argo tomorrow. (Yay!) This means that he has enough faith that after a month of hard work and quick learning, we are ready to take control! Tonight we will be plotting a course to Palma Nova and deciding on a plan of action for the 12-mile sail. With two papers due tomorrow, all of us will be taking advantage of study hall tonight, making sure we continue to blow the staff away with our work ethic and dedication. All in all, today was a day filled with diving, good news, and hard work. Just another wonderful day on Argo!