Location: Antigua

We woke up this morning to music that was sure to get us pumped up for an exciting day. After downing delicious eggs and lemon poppy seed muffins for breakfast, Captain Al took us on a tour to show us some of the different types of boats in the dock up close. Afterward, we took a hike up to Shirley Heights to enjoy a beautiful view of the island and take 800 pictures each. After the hike and a quick stop at the beach, we loaded up our diving gear and headed to the ocean floor for about 40 minutes. The open-water divers are starting to get the hang of diving, so we’re able to relax more and focus on what’s around us. We saw the world’s largest single-celled organism down there today! After diving, we took our open-water diving final exam and attempted to reward ourselves with chocolate cake when we finished. Still, since it’s currently the off-season in Antigua, the bakeries close early, and we had no luck. We finished off the day with some chicken Caesar salad and prepped the ship for our passage to St. Barths tonight. Hopefully, we’ll be there by early morning tomorrow!