Location: bequia

Today was characterized by an exciting blend of turtles, town, and tests. While a couple of these activities are arguably more exciting than others, each was a pivotal component to making another quintessential Sea|mester day.

The day started quite magnificently with a visit to a turtle sanctuary on the opposite side of Bequia. First off, it was amazing to see so many turtles, especially all the absolutely adorable babies! Second, I couldn’t get that scene from the movie Finding Nemo out of my head with Squirt riding the EAC. Lastly, it was heartening to see such a proactive and positive project on an island where protection of the oceans isn’t necessarily a priority.

After visiting the turtle sanctuary we made a taxi trip, back into town to explore. Bequia is a colorful sleepy island, typical of the smaller islands we visit, and the town was a fun combination of local art vendors and good food. For all those people who are anticipating some gifts upon our return, I would expect some quality ones from Bequia. In addition, Bequia is known for its annual whaling. They still take part in the tradition today with a small allotment per year and make sure they use every part of the whale, nothing of the whale goes to waste. Such things include beautiful scrimshaw, artistic carving of the whalebones. Some of the art and necklaces that were made from these bones were beautiful.

Finally, to conclude the day in true semester fashion, we had our MTE (sailing class) midterm, doubling as a certification to be a crew-member aboard a vessel. To all those non-believers, who still are skeptical of the fact that Ocean Star isn’t truly a school ship, let me reinforce the fact that this isn’t just a lovely cruise. Today we had a Marine Biology essay due, an MTE midterm, and we received an Oceanography take home quiz. Not to mention the fact that we have an OCE midterm in two days and two other papers due in the next week. We go hard on Ocean Star in all realms.