Location: St George's, Grenada

Hello again, friends and family! Today marked the end of our longest passage on Ocean Star as we arrived in lovely Grenada at around 3:00 pm. Although the whole passage was super fun, all of us were super excited to have some level ground and be able to take some showers. The morning was a regular passage morning, with watch teams up throughout the night, making sure that the rest of us could get some sleep. Once our anchors were down, we began “putting the boat to bed,” which is basically a post-passage procedure to get her looking good while we are anchored off of St. Georges. We also did some boat appreciation, which involved swabbing the decks and the hull of the boat to get all of the salt and grime from the passage off. We also had a chance to change sheets and redo all of our cubbies, so Ocean Star is looking as good as new! We capped it off with a delicious dinner and a wonderful sunset as we started to unwind from the day’s worth of traveling. We start tomorrow off with some classes and some quizzes before we get some shore time, where I’m sure many of us will finally be able to get in contact with all of you reading this!