Location: Gatun Lake, Panama Canal, Panama

Day 37 was one of my favorite days so far on Argo. We prepared the boat to leave Colon and then motored to the entrance of the Panama Canal. There was a lot of information we needed to learn about how to enter the canal properly. Argo was sandwiched between another sailboat and a tugboat throughout the three locks we moved through. The first lock was a bit intimidating since almost everyone was new to the whole experience. However, we all worked together and successfully made it out of the first lock. After that, things went by smoothly. The experience was amazing. Watching the water fill into the room was interesting. So was seeing the boat rise. My favorite part was looking back after the last lock. You could see all of the locks we had just gone through, each level decreasing in height as my eyes moved towards the entrance of the canal. It was such an incredible experience, which made it one of the best days ever!