Location: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

Greetings, avid blog readers!

Today we had a very productive day! We had an early wakeup to get underway to Rodney Bay. I do think our hearts broke a bit when we slowly pulled away from the freshwater showers, and access to ice cream, pros of being in the marina. After a quick breakfast underway, we soon arrived in Rodney Bay. A productive Seamanship class soon followed, where we worked hard on our NavMaster skills. Before lunch, we had boat appreciation (BA), where we cleaned below deck and organized our bunks.

After a yummy lunch, kudos to Sasha, we began our first emergency first responder (EFR) class. It was made much more entertaining by hands-on scenarios where half the students were the patients, while the other half treated them. Everyone’s acting skills were put to the test, and definitely caused a lot of laughter. This was especially true when Matt B, my “patient” decided to be the great age of three, and that his broken arm and pelvis were caused by a “horrific tricycle accident.” When I began to laugh, he insisted, “Tricycles are very dangerous. One of the most dangerous things you can race these days.”

Along with this, we got to refine our CPR skills on the dummies, which somehow all ended up with names by the end, and practiced splinting and supporting a fractured arm. To end the day, we had a yummy dinner of burritos and broccoli, which we finished just in time to get rained on during our nightly squeeze question. Mother nature knew we were missing our freshwater showers tonight.

Love and miss you, Mom, Dad, Annie, and Colby!

Picture 1: the lovely double rainbow we witnessed underway
Picture 2: a view of breakfast underway
Picture 3: Faith and Kenz enjoying the view
Picture 4: the beautiful sky right after the sunset
Picture 5: Lolo, Amanda, Sasha, and Kasey enjoying the sunset