Location: Vuro, Kadavu, Fiji

(The following must be read in the accent of an old German philosopher) Once again, we find ourselves face to face with the fury of the mighty sea. With great haste, my compatriots and I donned our foul weather accouterments. Time and time again, the rain came stampeding upon us and the wind sliced through our bones. Is this truly the life we have chosen? Will we ever again be truly dry? Do you suppose it ever stops raining? When will it ever end?

I would like to thank Gabriel for his help with this lovely intro, although I must admit to SLIGHT exaggeration as it was more of a sprinkle than a “stampeding rain.” As for the accent, he primarily converses with the crew in character (as does Tim), so, to give our readers back home a more realistic of picture of life on Argo, the accent is required. I’ve recently been informed that no one comes to Argo without becoming considerably weirder. This prophecy has clearly begun to take effect. On a separate and more relevant note, we had an unexpected journey today when the opportunity arose for a clinic visit. We left our anchorage at Vuro shortly after breakfast and motored to one of the most beautiful spots we’ve seen yet. Lolo and Gabe began calling it a “tropical fjord.” Megan and Elle went ashore while the rest of the crew remained on Argo, soaking up the sun and enjoying free time. Megan is now on the mend, and we’re back in our anchorage with the mantas in Vuro. Tyler got the opportunity to helm the ship as we anchored Argo, and a few of us got the chance to take dinghy school today and are now officially allowed to captain the dang dang aka MEGATRON. Woooohoooo! At squeeze tonight, we sang Happy Birthday to America though a few people were confused and sang to Amanda instead. Oh well, they tried. Now we are about to finish up some paperwork for our Advanced Open Water licenses and will officially be PADI certified!!!!! Woohoo again!

(Return to old German philosopher accent) And so we return to our undulating slumber. We will not be adequately rested by the morning, and yet we press on. Such is the fate of our merry band as we careen forever into the sunset. I pray for us tomorrow and the next day.

Also – Hi mom, dad, Beans, Burtyburt, Tina, Ted, and Bryce! I love you!

– Mia and E smiling big before chilly jump in showers
– Jennifer taking a quick break from her workout on the stern of Argo
– Kylie bein extra smiley
– Chef Cole and assistant Mia are hard at work in the kitchen
– DINGHY SCHOOL!!!!!!!! ft. Captain Kylie
– Caleigh spending ALL of her free time studying for the COLREGs exam
– A picture of an underachieving rainbow that you have to squint really hard to see