Location: Sandy Point Town, St. Christopher

After some epic rain showers during the night, we woke up to a curtain of water that made us modify our daily plans slightly. After taking advantage of a short rainless window to have breakfast, we spent part of the morning dedicated to rain activities: Oceanography study time, movies, reading, or working on science research projects. After lunch, the weather, although still cloudy, looked like it would allow us to go on with the hike to Brimstone Hill Fortress, initially planned for the morning. The Fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was built in 1690 and can be easily reached from our anchorage point after a pleasant hike up the hill. On our way there, we could appreciate the local fauna and flora, which included monkeys! And once on top of the hill, we enjoyed the spectacular views and visited the museum to learn about the struggles and joys of this historic monument through the centuries. Now back on Ocean Star, we are getting ready for dinner, shortly after which we will move to Statia, an island barely 10nm north from here, where we will be diving in the morning.