Location: Annapolis, MD

Today we all woke up to dark clouds over our heads because the tropical storm had already reached us. In response to this, we decided to stay down below and hang out and play games. The game risk was one of them. We had blueberry muffins for breakfast, which were cooked by Marley and not Jake because today was her last day with us on this trip. We ate down below because of the storm up above us. It was a nice change to finally be able to eat on a table again. After breakfast, we cleaned the dishes and just really hung out in the salon. At around lunchtime, the storm cleared up, and we decided to eat on deck for lunch. And the weather was amazing for lunch. Everybody really enjoyed the cool temperature. For lunch, we had pasta salad, and it was pretty good. After lunch, we decided that we would start to put the boat back together for passage when we leave for mystic. The things we did varied from reattaching some of the sails and getting the anchors out of the water. For dinner, we had a classic AQ thanksgiving dinner, which was amazing. After that, we cleaned everything up and just started to chill again.