Location: 19 13.52'S 156 11.36'W

My day started at 2335, being woken up for watch team 2s 0000-400 watch. We were greeted to the most beautiful set of stars I have ever seen in my life, including many shooting stars (Olivia saw 46), while contemplating questions such as “is there free will” and “do we think there is extraterrestrial life”? The sea has stayed calm, so today was the first day of the passage where almost everyone wasn’t seasick. It was a quiet morning of our usual underway breakfast of cereal interrupted only by the two Mahi that bit our lines but unfortunately got away, don’t worry, we would make up for it later. Those of us still sleeping from our early morning watches were woken up at noon to a great lunch of chicken quesadillas prepared by our chefs Lindsay, Jack, and Evan. We then had our first Oceanography class in a couple of days, learning more about what makes up the seafloor underneath us. Another round of on-deck saltwater showers was a success. Everyone went to sleep except for us PSCT students, who spent an hour learning about the complex and somewhat confusing world of maritime law. Our day soon got much more interesting. As we were sailing through a flock of birds, Trey noticed one of our fishing lines had gone taught, and a few tense minutes later, we had a 50-pound Yellowfin tuna being filleted by Ian on the deck. At the same time, a group of us looked at the contents of its stomach for an Oceanography project. The dinner we had half an hour later was, in my opinion, one of the best on the trip so far of Falafel homemade tortillas and Yellowfin tuna that had been caught less than an hour ago. That just about wraps up this blog, which is perfect as I need to go and get ready for Watch team 2s 2000-2400 watch.

Skipper of the day Simon signing off


PS mom and dad, I love you, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to go on this incredible voyage.