Location: St. Lucia

Happy first day of November!

The O-Star crew woke up in high spirits this morning due to our lovely location here in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. While we’re here, we get to treat ourselves to cafes, warm showers, shopping, and lots of space for the morning workout gang to get their sweat on. After the pre-7am wake-up activities, I started everyone else’s morning off the right way with some good ol’ Bob Marley and the usual kind, good mornings that I, myself, treat everyone to. We then made our way up on deck, getting greeted by the after rain showers, sun, and a friendly rainbow, and had a delicious breakfast of granola, yogurt, and fruits to get our energy up for the day trip we had to a waterfall.

The bus picked us up at 10 am sharp, and we began our long, winding journey through the quirky island of St. Lucia. There’s a lot of things to see here, and the bus ride only made us all more curious and excited for what’s to come while we’re in this location. We finally arrived at the spot where we’d begin our hike to the falls and met some of the cutest puppies that everyone wanted to take home with them…especially Eamon. On the way to the waterfall, it stared down, pouring on us, but I think that made the hike even more memorable and fun. Our tour guides, MK and Tupac, showed us natural growing nutmeg, cinnamon, sweet apples, and Soursop fruits along the way as well! Steffi had a particularly fun time handling the machete and was to be respected at all costs because you should never anger a lady with a knife (says MK and Tupac)! We arrived at the waterfall finally and got to bathe and frolic in the fresh, cold water while enjoying our lunch of pasta and veggies previously made for us by Will!

Everyone returned to the marina around 4 pm and then was led in a wonderful and enriching leadership presentation by Asta. Everyone was very eager to get more free time in the marina, but we were quickly discerned because Steph and Sam showed up with the provisioning, and we were quickly whisked away into the delightful tasks of fridge Jenga and fitting every last container of honey roasted peanuts into the snack cabinet (you’re welcome Logan). But hey, HUGE shoutout to Steph for keeping all our bellies full and happy, all with a smile on her face:)

Tonight the gangs split up, either showering, getting ice cream, or finishing fish IDs in the salon, but tomorrow’s just another great day waiting to happen filled with all the above! Sorry to all the parents about this quick log, but I’m itching to get in the warm, fresh showers. Goodnight everyone <3