Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Today was another great one, up early for scrambled eggs and then straight in the water for some diving and snorkeling. The Open Water classes headed off for their first true dives while the rest of the crew snorkeled around Mountain Point. After lunch, we dove some more and learned how to tag turtles. After a few hours of being towed around in search of the elusive turtles, Jay managed to catch a nice size Hawksbill which we brought aboard to measure, weigh, and tag before releasing it in exactly the same spot. This process helps the BVI ensure the survival of the species. We had worked up quite an appetite by dinner and enjoyed the pasta, salad, and garlic bread prepared by Julia and Katrina. After dinner, the crew was extremely excited to have the first Basic Seamanship class. Then it was off early to bed to rest up for a sunrise sail tomorrow.