Location: Nevis

Today did get off to a little bit of a late start because we had under estimated the amount of time it would take for the banana bread to bake, but it was worth the wait for the delicious, warm breakfast that we got to eat. After breakfast and a marine biology class, we motored to a dive site where we got to dive the sunken wreck of the River Taw. Not only was it an awesome dive where we saw a beautiful green sea turtle, but it was also the 4th and final open water certification dive. Finally, it was time to depart to Nevis, the island next to St. Kitts. When we got there is was time for all open water students to fill out their log books for their first four open water dives, and we are now happy to report that they are done with their open water course! Lastly, we shook thing up a little at dinner by sitting on the opposite side of the boat and enjoyed some wonderful fish tacos while watching a beautiful Caribbean sunset.