Location: Basterre, St. Kitts

We kicked off the day having breakfast anchored just off the coast of St. Kitts against an awesome backdrop of a volcano that towers over the island. We quickly cleaned up our meal so that we could prepare our mighty vessel Ocean Star for our passage down to Basterre, the capital of St. Kitts. Once we had everything secured and lashed down both on deck and below, we all gathered in the saloon to begin class. Our class this morning was Marine Biology with Annemarie. We learned about sea turtles and other marine reptiles, including the different species, what they eat, where they live, as well as how they regulate their body temperatures. It was a perfect lecture for the day because we saw a huge Hawksbill turtle while diving today. It was really neat to see a turtle in its natural habitat when we just learned about them.

After class, we weighed anchor and set a course ESE for Basterre. It was a 9-mile passage to where we anchored and geared up for a dive on M/V River Taw, an old tug boat that was sunk in 1981 to create an artificial reef. And what a reef it has become! There were giant schools of giant snapper, beautiful corals, grouper, turtles, and massive lobster! After all three dive groups surfaced, it was time for showers and dinner. We had dinner with an awesome sailor’s sky sunset over the ocean… the perfect way to end a stellar day.