Location: Underway to Dominica

Welcome to day 13 of the Argo Atlantic crossing. Some updates:

-Engine still not being used. We’ve got happy winds for happy sailing.
-Peter (villager) and Oleg (villager) were killed in Mafia
-Less than 1000nm till we reach Dominica
We started our day with our typical schedule of watches until lunch this afternoon. Which was a lovely feast of vegetarian chili and fresh Wahoo caught yesterday? Following lunch, we had a class of Marine Biology and Oceanography. Showers and watch after that. Heres a picture of some of watch team two hanging out in the cockpit (Jackie, Amanda, Emmalee, Oleg, Jonas, Jake). The chefs continued to slave away in the galley, making delicious Chicken a la King and roasted potatoes (Tina, Sydney, CJ). Dinner ended with a fun game of eye spy; no one was able to guess the right answer of the blue water bottle cap that was hanging on the bubaloo. Being at sea for this long, the students are now having to dig deep to keep themselves entertained, like getting a little too creative with their facial hair, as pictured (Jake, Ben, and CJ). The next few days are busy for us, multiple exams, CPR courses, and of course, Thanksgiving! We are all starting to prepare to make room in our stomachs for the large amounts of delectable food we will be consuming in two days’ time.


Current position: