Location: Bali

Today was another awesome day. We ate breakfast on the boat, and then we had our last leadership and oceanography class. Then we got to have some shore time. I dinghied everyone from the boat to the dock, and then we got out and explored. We wandered around all the different shops and stores on the streets. We got to try different foods and different drinks. I tried mango juice which was really good. I then ate a seafood dish with squid and shrimp for lunch. We all met up near the dock at 2:00, and then we all got on a bus and started our two-hour drive to Monkey Temple. When we got to the temple, we had to put on orange robe belts in order to enter the temple. When we got in, there were monkeys everywhere. We had been warned that the monkeys like to steal things. We were taking some photos with monkeys, and one tried to steal Romeo’s hat. Another took Barb’s sunglasses and broke them. We also witnessed a lady get her phone snatched by a monkey. But the temple was gorgeous, with a beautiful view overlooking the water. We then went to a fire dance where we got to watch an amazing show/ceremony where they performed a story with basically no words. We got to watch it with a great view of the sunset behind them, and Kee even got pulled into the dance, and it was really funny to watch her dance. Once the show was over, we left the temple and went back on the bus, and went to our restaurant. It was a really cool restaurant on a cliff overlooking the water, and you could see all the squid boats lights out in the water. I got a delicious smoothie and a steak and crepes for dessert. Once that was finished, we drove back to the boat, and we were all really tired from our long day of exploring and went to bed.