Location: Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island

This morning began with sunrise at anchor watch and the anticipation of what our first full day on Christmas Island would bring. We spent the majority of the day diving. The open water group did dives 3 & 4, while those of us seeking our advanced certification did a navigation dive. Everyone passed with flying colors. Those of us in advance even had a race underwater. Kris won by a long shot, but it was still fun! Some of us went on shore to see what there was to see. For the past two days, the island has been celebrating a holiday, so when we got there, there were stalls with yummy food and drinks and live music playing some classics nearby. I was surprised to find out that the small town was the only settlement on the island. Yet there were a lot of people out and about, which made for an all-around good time. We did some homework in what seemed like the last remaining shady patch on the island and admired our lovely view of Argo in the distance. After a jump into the crystal clear water from the dock and a delicious meal of Chicken Tikka Masala (with garlic naan!), we are more than ready for the night dive tonight.