Location: Kudabados, Maldives


The past few days have been amazing – since being anchored in the Maldives, we have explored Male, had a private beach day, went diving with sea turtles, and enjoyed some time to just relax on Argo. The vibe on Argo has been pretty great today due to the amount of diving we did and the number of cream-cheese icing-filled cookies we have eaten for Valentine’s Day. The whole crew had the opportunity to dive at least twice today in some pretty amazing spots in the Maldives. We saw reef sharks, giant green sea turtles, every reef fish you could possibly imagine, and a nice handful of stingrays and eagle rays. Pretty much if you weren’t already a huge fan of diving, then today officially converted everyone on Argo into scuba enthusiasts. Nothing really beats the feeling of diving roughly 60ft down a reef cliff, chilling with the fish while feeling like a mermaid. So far, the Maldives is living up to all my expectations and then some. It is going to be sad to leave here in a few days, but I will enjoy everyone minute of it until then. Let the day go by slowly and calmly the next until we set sail again. Sending lots of love to all of our family and friends back home. I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day!