Location: Charlestown, Nevis

After a perfectly on-time and delicious breakfast made by Reese and Monika, we packed up our lunch and headed to shore to meet our friend Barry, who would drive us to Oualie Beach to meet Barb Whitman, a local marine biologist. Barb discussed all the different marine invertebrate phylum and fascinated everyone with some of their magical traits. We then headed to her aquarium and touch tanks, where we got to experience the sea creatures up close – some a little too close, like the spidery-looking brittle stars! After a quick picnic on the beach, we loaded back into Barry’s vans to head to Golden Rock. From here, we began our hike to Nevis’s water source. As we headed up into the rainforest, the clouds closed around us, and we enjoyed spectacular sights and sounds. We reached the source and braved it up the rickety ladder to the origin of Nevis’s water. The real freshwater treat was a dip in the freshwater swimming pool at the base of the hike, where we all enjoyed a non-salty splash. Back on board, Reese and Monika again impressed us with the galley efficiency, quickly creating alfredo pasta and Italian sausage and salad. Tonight the crew have gone to a local beach bar to enjoy a karaoke evening!