Location: Pigeon Island, Guadeloupe

Today was our first full day at Pigeon Island and the Cousteau Marine Reserve, and we took full advantage of it. After an early morning oceanography class, we headed to Pigeon Island for our first dive. We drifted from the west to the east coast of the island along a nice wall of coral, stopping by to see an underwater statue of Jacques Cousteau along the way. In the afternoon, we did a second dive, this one on the site that we were planning on doing our night dive on so that divers could get used to the site during the day before taking the plunge in the dark. After a nice, big dinner, we all headed back out for our third dive of the day and first-night dive, glow sticks on our tanks and flashlights in hand. We were pleasantly surprised with countless giant basket stars, large groupers, and one squida very nice day of diving in Guadeloupe.