Location: Underway to Cocos Keeling

Well, we are back underway again. It is nice to return back to the simple life of being on passage where your day only consists of watch, eating, sleeping, and studying. Today started bright and early for the students trying to get their captain’s license. They had to wake up a little before 6 to remove our bow lines while the remainder of the crew got to catch up on some last-minute zzz’s before passage started. The rest of us woke up for a delicious breakfast of coffeecake at 7:30. Today consisted of refueling, some last-minute passage prep, and classes. Refueling was a little different than usual as we had to fill 800 liters of diesel using jerry cans, so it involved many dingy runs back to shore. As we sat down to dinner, some of us noticed that the moon was looking a little odd as only part of it was showing during a full moon, and it turns out there is a lunar eclipse going on right now! A great way to start our last short passage before crossing the Indian Ocean. Today marks the last day of our first rotation of the job wheel, and it’s shocking to think of how quickly time has flown by. We are a third of the way through the trip, and it still feels like we’ve only just arrived. I was thinking Today of all the amazing experiences we have had and the skills we have learned in the past month. I feel we are incredibly lucky to have this opportunity and have seven amazing staff teaching and leading us through this adventure.