Location: The Saints

We got an early start this morning, leaving before breakfast to embark on a tour of the Indian River with Cobra and friends. Most recently, in oceanography class, we have been learning about estuaries and the complex ecosystems within them. On our tour of the river, we completed an oceanography lab, testing the water conditions in various areas for comparison. Down the river, deep in the forest, we came upon the Ticking Croc Tavern, a sweet outdoor bar perched alongside the river, where we stopped for morning tea and coffee. We also took a trip to Calypso’s cabin, which featured the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie. After returning to Ocean Star and grabbing some breakfast, we began to prep our lovely vessel for passage. Mysteriously enough, a few of our staff suddenly found that they had forgotten how to sail. But worry not–our Ocean Star students took charge, hoisted the anchor, raised the sails, and had a wonderful voyage to the Saints. Upon arriving in the Saints, a mini BA session got O-Star up to snuff, leaving the crew with a little free time to relax, do a little studying, and take a dip. The night ended with a delicious dinner at the helm, where once again, we were greeted by a small pod of dolphins swimming happily about the harbor, welcoming us in.