Location: Young Island, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

To all of our friends and family,

Firstly, I would like to wish my mom a Happy Valentine’s Day! I didn’t get a chance to call her today, but I was thinking of her all day and hoped she had a fantastic day full of love. We had such an incredible day on Argo today. Spirits are high out here in St. vincent. We all really bounced back after some much-needed sleep after our passage here. The day started off with 0700 wakeups which are always my favorite because I get to play music and if that doesn’t work, drag people out of their bunks by their ankles (don’t worry, it was only the bottom bunks who wouldn’t wake up). With some hilarious stories from the previous night’s anchor watch, we wrapped up breakfast and jumped in for a couple of dives under the boat. The objective was to practice compass use and navigation, which was generally what people got up to. We had a few wonderers here and there, but in the end, everyone made it back to the boat, even Frankie and Thea, who got some extra kick cycles in this afternoon. We saw a variety of interesting organisms, including peacock flounders, spotted morays, and the infamous lionfish. Everyone then decided that Valentine’s Day called for formal attire, string lights, and love songs at dinner, followed by delicious brownies. We were even fortunate enough to be serenaded by our own musician, Lewis. This crew is all smiles and enthusiasm, and it consistently fills me with excitement for what is to come in the next 83 days.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.