Location: Aruba

This morning we arrived in Aruba. After a morning of classes we docked and got ready for our day of shore time and a Valentine’s Day Night Out. The students of Argo spent the day exploring the capital of Aruba and taking advantage of the Wi-Fi, Laundromats, and warm showers. After putting away the massive amount of groceries, we ate dinner and got ready for the night. Everyone had a great time, but my favorite part of the night was when I came back to Argo. When I was climbing onto the boat I dropped my bag into the water, as I watched my things slowly disappear leaving a trail of bubbles. Christian heard and immediately offered to dive for it. What made today the best Valentines Day ever was not that I spent it in Aruba or the Valentine’s Day card from Argo, but the fact that Christian was so willing to jump into the dirty marina water to retrieve my bag. Happy Valentines Day! Love, your skipper of the day, Lizzy.