Location: Harbour Village, Bonaire

Hello From Skipper Greg!

What a day we are having on Vela.

Here are photos of each person on Vela and my own personal description of them. Think of it like a dating show but not really.

Also, we went on shore we ate cool food AND we are diving!

The coffee is good, but I wish I had more.

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

#1 Charlie: Hates music.

#2 Val: Dances to Mamma Mia alone in bathrooms

#3 Will: Friends with lizards

#4 Tom (pronounced *Tum*): Uses Jergens natural glow tanning moisturizer

#5 Megan: Coffee Addict

#6 Andrea: Loves walks on mountains and sometimes the beach. Watch out for sea urchins!

#7 Colm: Cool dad Colm.

#8 Leoni: A true woman in STEM.

#9 Sonnet: a poem but much cooler

#10 Dre: Basically superman.

#11 Maddie: Can swim like a shark.

#12 Katelyn: Another cool dad.

#13 Tony: Last thing he remembers is He took a pill in Ibiza

#14 Hannah: From New York and LOVES r and b

#15 Bennitt: Long hair don’t care.

#16 Max: super tall and from Canada!

#17 Shona: Still learning how to smile but modest. ALSO A BEAUTY!

#18 Jordan: Super funny.

#19 Mackenzie: I don’t like her.

#20 Ethan: A great sailor…one of THE best!

#21 Mady: loves sugar.

#22 Katie: wears sunglasses at night. Asks all the time “what time is it?” Also loves the word “SmAAASsshhhh”

#23: Me! ever wonder what prince Eric would look like as a merman?…this isn’t it.

#24 Calum: has been kissed multiple times. (No one was harmed in the making of this photo)

#25 Smash: A rocket.

#26: Adelaide: not the city in Australia.

skipper Greg