Location: California

As we get closer to the end of classes and the official end of the semester, I find myself looking back on the semester and thinking how lucky I am to have been a part of this wild ride. I look back on all of the amazing places we got to see, all of the wonderful people I got to meet, and all the unbelievable experiences I got to share with everyone on the ship. I miss the people most of all, but I think I miss the views second to that. Waking up and going up on deck to see the beautiful sunrise, eating dinner against a background of color from the sunset, and looking over the edge at the blue sea below. These are some of the hundreds of photos I took on our trip, and though the picture can never capture the full beauty of being there in person, these give you a pretty good look into the world through the eyes of a student crew member on Ocean Star. These are the places I will forever picture when I think about Spring 2020.

I can’t say enough good things about this experience; if you have the opportunity to take part in one of Sea|mester’s ships, do not hesitate, go. I grew more as a person in those 45 days than I did in almost any other experience in my life. The people you meet will be family for life, the experience will be unforgettable, and the views will be priceless.