Location: The Pitons, St. Lucia

Gooooood evening fellow loved ones! What a day it has been! Woke up to some Bob Marley and a grand view of the Pitons–what a fabulous wake up call it was. After our delicious breakfast, half of the crew went on a spectacular advanced deepwater dive and got to play with an egg underwater (what they did with it was kept secret, you can’t spoil it..)! The remaining half of us put our science caps on and used the quiet time to collect samples and work on our group research projects for Oceanography. Some got a front-row seat to view my dear friend Harolds’ monumental volcanic eruption, which was shared with the brave souls who had the gut to sit through the natural disaster… After the crew was reunited, we shared some laughs while enjoying a scrumptious lunch together. Then came our back-to-back class time. Woot Woot! Marine Bio was spent reviewing for our upcoming test–let’s just say we’ve got our work cut out for us…GRIND TIME, BB! Afterward, we had Oceanography, where we listened and learned from our fellow crew members about some very intriguing topics. When school was out of session, we had some chillax time to study and work on other assignments while we waited patiently for the yummy din-din to come and dodged the drops of water falling from the sky above. Following dinner and cleanup came the waiting game as we paced around waiting for the verdict on whether or not we would find ourselves in the depths of the ocean…and we’ve got an UPDATE–into the depths we go!

Now let’s take a moment for my dear–voluminous-no-more– friend Harold: It’s been real, my dude. Although the pressure really got to me, and your *abscess* won’t particularly be missed, I guess I’ll have to say I appreciated our time together. You brought some jokes and smiles with your presence, but more importantly, you aided in curing my sugar-tooth needs, as many wanted to help counteract the pain you made me feel with some scrumptious candy. So long, friend…hope never to see u again!

Photo 1: Piton views
Photo 2: KT mid-dairy-free Alfredo sauce
Photo 3: Steph and Drew mid-chart house rave
Photo 4: Night divers ready to go
Photo 5: Mia, extra ready
Photo 6: After dinner science collection
Photo 7: Kate’s hair salon