Location: St. Lucia

Today we set sail to Saint Lucia from Saint Vincent, at the blistering hour of 6:30 with a 6:00 wake up. Thankfully most of the passage prep was done the night before, so it only took 15 minutes to get going and head out. We had breakfast and lunch on the way, breakfast is a delicious baklava-type chocolate pastry, and lunch was a rice and white bean soup, a stomach calmer much needed for some of the crew. After lunch, we had to trim the sails and have a small knot lesson for seamanship, after which we split into watch teams so many could either nap or get some of their nearing assignments done. At around 2:30, we got close enough to Saint Lucia and watch teams two and three dropped the sails before team two was dismissed from watch. About an hour later, we hooked onto a mooring line, and Carolyn and Amy went to shore to clear us through customs, which was an arduous process as each crew member had to fill out a single immigration sheet instead of our generous captain filling out a single sheet for the whole crew. While dinner was being prepared, the rest of the student crew was finishing schoolwork and taking showers, and by the time dinner was almost ready, Amy and Carolyn finished customs and had returned to the boat. Dinner was a sweet and sour chicken that turned out amazing, along with roasted vegetables and a side salad. After dinner cleanup, we had a leadership class that involved an obstacle course where one person was blindfolded and led with only a few verbal commands.

Pictured: Boat perspective from the helm, Saint Vincent as we departed, some of the crew raising the jib, knot tying lesson with Carolyn, after breakfast cleanup, breakfast with a view of Saint Vincent, our new anchorage in St. Lucia