Location: Underway to Bermuda

Day 286 of passage… or is it day 2? As Smash would say: there is literally no way of knowing. Time seems to stand still, fly by, and move slow all at once. The rhythm of the day is given by the watch team schedule, and depending on time, mood, and weather, many things seem to be possible on Vela. Watch team 1 had a dance party, singing along to classics at the top of our voices, Watch team 2 got even closer to each other by playing a long game of 5 minutes of truth, and Watch team 3 safely helmed us through a weather front.

One of the oceanography research project teams (with Anthony, Colm, Charlie, Will, and Dre) caught two Mahi fish, which we had for dinner today! They were deliciously fried and served next to Gnocchi. Found in the stomach contents was a cute little babypea-sized trunkfish, which Smash now keeps in a pesto jar (just to look at). My research project team, on the other hand (Andrea, Max, Greg, Ethan), collected plankton. Maybe good to drizzle on top of the sauce?

During classes today, we learned how to read charts in seamanship and started our Rescue Diver Course. Soon we will be able to navigate on the sea (google maps does not seem to work here) and be able to save our mates in case of emergency. *touch wood that we don’t need it.

Tonight we will be waiting for the easter bunny. Do you think it will find us? Or is the Bermuda Triangle secretly the home of our fury-friend? After all, if you take away the letters b, m, u, d, t, r, i, a, n, g, l, and e, and add e, s, and t, Bermuda Triangle spells Easter. Seems a little suspicious. We will find out tomorrow.

Picture 1: Mack and Greg cleaning the Deck.
Picture 2: Katie and Maddie happy before dinner.
Picture 3: Sonnet, Andrea, and I happy at dinner.