Location: Malolo Island

Get it? Because today was our first day in the water, and also, what a day it was. Look at us! We left port, AND OUR BESTIE BOO HELOISE FINALLY ARRIVED AFTER AGES OF TRAVELING AND TREKKING THROUGH THE WILD TUNDRA OF LAX! We raised the sails for the first time and also did a cray cray swim test against the most Currenty Current Of All Time which deposited many a morsel of seawater down our gullets. We then treaded water like pros and took our first sea showers of many. Some pals and I started the long journey down the road of PADI certification. I have to go literally right now to go get certified, and I cannot type.

Guys, don’t even worry. I’m back and one step closer to becoming a diver along with my pals Barbara, Emma, Romeo, Kirsten, Jack, and Ethan. Our beloved instructor Ben has led us through this course with grace and a true desire to help us become the best divers we can possibly be. We learned soooooo much from their informational videos and correlating quizzes. Wow, are we excited! Last but most certainly not least, our food for the past two days has been nothing short of artisanal due to the culinary expertise and skills of the GOAT (greatest of all time) Kee. We had an absolutely smashing curry for dinner, followed by a long and heartfelt squeeze in which all of us shared our deepest darkest secrets (our favorite memories from any point in our lives). We now have our brave seamen on anchor watch, not going gentle unto that good night by any stretch of the imagination! I need to go bathe and go to bed now, and I am so excited to pass the skipper gauntlet onto the next lucky crewmate! It has been not only an honor but also a privilege to be the first skipper on the tripI can’t believe it has only been two days! I feel like we know each other as the best of friends in the most sappy possible way! I will miss you until I get to Skipper next in t-minus 23 days, and I shall be counting them down with bated breath.Godspeed until then, my friends! Live love, laugh, Nora 🙂