Location: Equator

BULAAA! Skipper Sydney here, proud to report that today was yet another fantastic day of passage! We started the day with some delicious spring rolls with peanut sauce and rice noods made by Heather. Perry, Nora, Romeo, and Kara ended up unionizing to form their very own hive-minded deckie labor union of deckies and salties, #strongertogether!! After that fascinating turn of events, we cleaned up and gathered in the salon for a review to get us prepared for the upcoming oceanography exam. We formed groups and presented sections from each lecture. As a treat, one of the groups used different types of sugary candies to represent sediment particle sizes, and the sugar high that ensued gave us the morale booster we needed before our quiz. Fingers crossed, we all smashed it! Ben took mercy on us and traded our scheduled marine biology lecture for a deck shower because we were all actively melting into our seats in the salon.

The good news is, the hotter each day gets, the closer we are to the equator!! Only a few more days are left, and we are currently scheduled to cross on the fourth of July!! It’s gonna be SO much fun- I can’t wait for all of us to evolve from Pollywogs into Shellbacks. That is, of course, only if our sacrifices to the sea gods work and they grant us safe passage. So far, I’m thinking of tossing in one of the sacred Oreos that I’ve been carefully rationing to last me these three weeks of passage, but every day without chocolate makes the prospect of giving even a fraction of it away nearly unbearable. Some of us are shaving our heads though, so maybe I’ll just do that instead.

Din din was chili, pad thai, and homemade bread courtesy of Dray. The newly formed labor union struck again, this time with even more members added in (Barb and I couldn’t resist). Tonight is the last night of everyone’s OG watch team, and we’re all gonna miss the stormy nights, sweltering days, and dance parties with our teams. We’re switching it up into different groups tomorrow though, so we’re super excited to get closer with the rest of the boat as the watch teams continue to switch around throughout this voyage. Tonight, my watch team is having a potluck, and we’re all gonna bring some of our snacks and treats to celebrate the fun times and mems we’ve shared so far.

Alrighty, love to all of my friends and family back home. I miss all of you and can’t wait to return to you as the Shellback I will soon become!

Peace out, gurl scouts!!
– Squidney