Location: Savannah Bay

Due to the fact that I forgot to set the alarm last night, I woke up late (thank you to our lovely chefs for thinking to wake me) and coincidentally woke the rest of the shipmates up about 15 minutes late as well. Thankfully, everyone woke up well and got ready quickly, and we made it to breakfast just about on time! Breakfast was delicious- French toast and fruit. After breakfast, we did a quick clean-up, and those of us looking to be certified for open water knocked out some knowledge reviews and quizzes while the advanced class did a refresher dive. This was followed by lunch, which was quickly followed by a dive for the open water class! We went over the skills in our final dive theory chapters and went for a short swim around. Today’s dive finished our confined water dives, and next time we’ll be able to go deeper and see more of what the ocean has to offer! After diving, we had some free time while we waited for the final group to finish up. A few of us girls floated on the windsurfer and chatted while other shipmates rested on deck. Once the final group returned, we took the dinghy to shore and went on a small hike to introduce the topics we’ll be covering in oceanography class. We explored the Leeward and Windward sides of Virgin Gorda, noting similarities and differences between the two sides of the island. When we returned from our hike, we rushed through some showers (yay, ocean showers!), quickly enjoyed a delicious dinner, and are now making Ocean Star look sexy as we prepare to greet our guests from ActionQuest, who will be joining us for our first Emergency First Responder class this evening,