Location: Young Island, St. Vincent

Today started out a little differently from all the others, rainy and cloudy. Instead of enjoying our breakfast on the deck as we usually do, the chefs finished the stuffed French toast, and we all gathered in the Saloon to enjoy it. Thankfully, it began to clear up a bit during breakfast, and the rain stopped just in time for dishes on deck. Everyone broke up into their cleanup jobs, and then the crew was ready for an OCE class just before passage. There were just a few things left to do for passage prep after OCE, and we were off on our way to St. Vincent. Everyone was where they felt comfortable, a group of us at the bow enjoying the most wind we’ve had all trip, some in the cockpit, and others finishing up lunch in the galley. The chefs did a great job cooking, and lunch turned out to be a delicious chicken stir-fry. Because of the weather and not being so used to the tilt and waves, we decided to postpone lunch cleanup until after we arrived in St. Vincent. Once the cleanup was complete, everyone started doing their own thing. We split up into a group that snorkeled over to a small rock to hike up and a group that took a dinghy over to the same rock. A few people got certified to drive the dinghy. Others stayed on board to either nap or study. Dinner approached quickly after everyone started to return to Ocean Star, and soon we were ready to sit down to eat. No class tonight, so everyone should have a good opportunity to catch up on some studying and papers for the busy schedule these next coming days.