Location: 19'25.476'S 51'25.823'E

Today was another day on passage, just like every other. We wake up for watches, we eat food and sleep for the rest.

But today just seemed like an ordinary yet extraordinary type of day. All spirits were high. Many got some personal time, classes got done, and even movies were watched. News for the Antigua applicants was also given!

It’s amazing to me how much closer we keep seem to be getting. Squeeze questions have become so interesting and fun to be a part of. Fun secrets, snacks, and support is given. And so so so many laughs continue to be shared.

There’s not a day that goes by that you don’t hear someone say they are so grateful for the whole crew and the situation we find ourselves in. We get to be in a snow-globe type of world with our best friends and family. We have dance parties all throughout the day, we get to have shooting stars on our biggest wishes, we see the wonder of the moon rise and set, the green flash from the sun, the rolling and power of the waves and the ocean, and sometimes the occasional pack of whales and bird friends.

The overall oneness we have created together is always beyond surreal to me. Every night I go to bed wondering if I’ll wake up back home in my bed to find that this had all been a dream. But luckily, it’s all of our realities; we get to sail the ocean and be together interacting without the limitations of face-masks and six feet. We have gotten to the level of comfort where we find ourselves falling asleep on one another and having ‘cuddle puddles’ in the cockpit. We share blankets on watch and keep each other warm. Most importantly, we have trust in one another, and we are family.

Tomorrow we are celebrating ‘the good parts of Thanksgiving,’ Friendsgiving. (just a little early due to a calm sea state) But the timing just seems to be impeccable after following a day like this. Everyone is helping out, and we have already started prepping pies in the galley tonight. The energy on this boat is just immaculate, we are a full functioning team, and it’s amazing to be able to contribute. I personally have so much to be thankful for and am not taking anything for granted, this year, this trip, this life on this planet, and I don’t think anyone is. We have come so so so far, and we have sadly only a short time to go left.

I’m grateful for everyone back home, all my family, but also my new family!

Happy Thanksgiving,




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