Location: 26 19.03'S 48 01.29'S

One perk of being skipper today is getting to duck into the chart house after dinner; courtesy of the engine humming away, the chart house offers a warm reprieve from the chill and the wind right now. But despite feeling a little marshmallow man-ly when bundling up in layers and foulies and PFDs 4 am4am, the cold shift is definitely welcomed and has started to make it really feel like November.

Watch team one was on for the sunrise this morning at 5:30, but a wave of sleepy cereal eaters slowly trickled up to join them. I think underway breakfast has grown on everyone now because it would be hard to find 33 people more excited by corn flakes and cold oatmeal in the morning. Oh, and peanut butter. Lots of peanut butter. Speaking of meals, shout out to Claire Miller, Allie Murphy, and Simon for whipping up two delicious meals today: mushroom soup and fresh-baked bread for lunch and baked chicken with veggies for dinner (plus! fresh-caught mahi-mahi prepared by George).

After the afternoon clean-up, the troops were rallied in the saloon for our Crew Competency Oral Exams; the test was interview style, and one at a time, we went on deck for a few minutes to explain sail handling, knots, anchor systems, colregs, or anything in between. It’s wild to see how much we’ve learned about sailing in the past two months and how everyone has adapted to passage life: hair ties and tim tams have become a form of currency, each watch team has carefully selected their “wake-upers” from the team before them, and Tina perfected the art of sliding across the cockpit feet first when we hit a big wave and then flipping over to belly slide again when the boat levels out.

All in all, another wonderful day on Argo, and here’s to thirty more!