Location: Sandy Spit, BVI


Wake up, it’s 7:30, and there are pancakes! Not a bad start to the day that was followed by a quick MTE (Sailing) class on charts and compasses. We were anchored in a bay of Peter Island, where we first took our swim tests. It’s interesting coming back, full circle, and reminiscing at the start of the trip. For the rest of the morning, we ventured onto the island for a hike past the windmills and to a lookout of colorful proportions (see the panorama)and beautiful views. The hike was short in comparison to hikes in the past, about 2 hours in and out. Lunch was a classic Seamester treat: Pizza Bagels! We honestly love our pizza bagels. After lunch, the crew became super ecstatic; not really, we napped and packed a little. It’s hard to pack without getting emotional or admitting that the trip is ending. Then dinnertime (were a perpetually hungry crew) that was astounding! It started off as a smell of cooking garlic from the kitchen, added mushrooms, and cream, all piled high on top of pasta with a salad of feta, cucumber, tomato, and vinaigrette. We love food. It’s time to study now as our OCE and MTE finals are tomorrow and maybe a midnight snack.




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