Location: Tobago Cays

We, yet again, had another fantastic day here on Ocean Star under the warm Tobago Cays sun. We started the morning with a leadership class (SLD), where we furthered our knowledge and understanding of how to not only be an effective leader but how to be the best ‘tribesmen’ we can be! After class, we had free time, which some spent feverishly writing their scientific papers for Marine Biology (due by dinner time), while others enjoyed the sun and water. Brandon, Boots, and Jon were on a mission for some fresh Caribbean lobster. After some debating and price negotiating, they landed themselves two delicious lobsters, which they learned how to properly kill, prepare, and cook for lunch. We started our afternoon with a Seamanship course (MTE) where we learned all and everything there is to know about sailing and all the ins and outs of Ocean Star from our knowledgeable instructors, Captain Jack Walter Pincus and First Mate Matthew Clark Roberts. We later decided to venture out to Jack Sparrow Island, where a scene from the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie was filmed. We enjoyed exploring the island, drinking coconuts, taking pictures, and goofing around in the sand. While walking along the beach, we came across a pink and purple balloon looking toy that Shea almost picked up. Still, thank goodness common sense washed over her before she did because we later found out it was a Portuguese Manowar, an extremely toxic jellyfish. Fortunately for us, the fun and excitement didn’t end there, after dinner we all put our wet suits on and went on an epic night snorkel looking for nocturnal marine animals and exploring the beautiful coral reefs. It was agreed upon by all that it was one of the coolest things we have ever done and something we definitely intend on doing again and is all hoping to see some octopus in the future!