Location: Les Saintes, Guadeloupe

Ten days. I am now only ten days from my warm shower. The last I remember was over 70 days ago, where my shower did not involve cold saltwater. Mom when I come home, everything within my duffel bag is to be considered toxic. I remember a few days before I left, we pulled out my Nalgene water bottle from some crevice in my room. You opened and smelled it and said, ugggg, this smells like a**. I cannot wait to hand you that water bottle again and see your reaction. I will have my camera at the ready. One thing we have learned is how to live in different conditions than what we are used to. Out here, we have no internet, no TV, or video games. We dont have a weekly trash service or enough fresh water for everyone to shower. What we do have is each other; we all take on the roles that we took for granted at home. We also have an unlimited amount of saltwater, which is what we use to clean the dishes, clean our clothes, clean the deck. and clean ourselves. We have learned to live with very little and to appreciate the things that we once took for granted. Also, to rely on each other, because if we did not rely on each other, I would not be here writing this blog. Welcome to sailboat life. A life I will truly miss once day 90 comes around.