Location: Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

We went to sleep in Portugal and woke up in Spain. That’s how the day started for the crew of Argo. As the Spanish courtesy flag went up, we were greeted to Gran Canaria by a pod of dolphins. Upon further research, we have decided they were a pod of dwarf spinner dolphins, which are about 5 feet in length and are known for their characteristic jumping and spinning out of the water. We continued on our way into Gran Canaria by passing through a shipping yard. Argo, who is already somewhat cute in stature, was made to look minuscule next to the abundance of container ships that were surrounding us. After weaving our way around these ships and oil rigs, we started the experience that was docking. The marina is almost full to capacity, so not only was our spot on the dock a tight squeeze, but we also had an audience. With an almost seamless docking, all of us were relieved once Argo was settled securely on the dock. The craziest part; this all happened before noon. We continued our day, getting used to the very warm sun and the new scenery. After class, the day began to calm down with a delicious dinner that was highlighted by Sarah’s decadent dinner rolls. The rest of the night was filled with excitement for the cooking class we have tomorrow and was topped off with pretzels made by none other than the Baking Boys and Co.

Pictured: Argo coming into port
Bella holding one of Sarah’s delicious dinner rolls
The Baking Boys and Co.
The pretzels that were made by the Baking Boys and Co.
Tim at the helm as Argo came into port.
Emma and JP are ready to take in the main staysail
Lolo, Jake, and Mella in Nopadone aiding the docking