Location: Somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean

Time is a figment of the imagination. With our surroundings constantly being the same (blue, blue, and bluer), the only thing that seems to run our lives is meal times and the never-ending watch schedule. Here on vela, every hour has become a socially acceptable bedtime. The other day I went to bed at the late hour of 6:30 pm only to wake up 5 hours later and be wide awake from midnight to 4 am.

I’m not sure if anyone has updated you on the new watch teams, but at the beginning of the Atlantic crossing, we received new teams. Seeing as we haven’t had service since Calum broke the news, I figured I would fill you all in a few days late.

Watch Team 1:
– staff: Carolyn and Riley
– students: Amelia, Alison, Jac, John, Julia, Lindsay, Max R, Skyler, and Wilks

Watch Team 2:
– staff: Allie and Sam
– students: Cooper, Eli, Emy, Hendo, Joel, Lauren, Owen, and Skylar

Watch Team 3 (undoubtedly the best watch team once again):
– staff: Matt
– students: Anna, Asa, Isabelle, Jimmy, Maya, Mia, Rachel, Sophie, and Zoe

Picking up where Calum left off yesterday, I’ll tell you all about last night and today. Last night I had the highly debated 8-12 watch. Personally, I love the 8-12 because it is most similar to normal sleeping hours, but tragically it does leave you with the least sleep. Last night, Emy, Skylar, and Lauren decided to serenade watch team three with a beautiful ukulele at the beginning of our watch. I must say, singing under the brightest and most beautiful stars I have ever seen while in the middle of the ocean is a surreal experience I will never forget. Rachel and Emy even sang us the song they wrote about vela, and I must say it is amazing. The feeling of nostalgia I already have for this trip was only amplified later in the evening as we listened to Good Riddance by Green Day while I helmed vela into the night. As the water glimmered of bioluminescence off the starboard side and the sky was filled with stars, I knew this experience would be one I cherish forever. Although we still have 26 more days with Vela as our home, everyone is already dreading the day we have to say goodbye.

While our 8-12 watch last night definitely had an emotional twinge, it was not all sad times. In the mood for a late-night snack, Mia and I ventured to the galley to whip ourselves up some snacks. I filled up a bowl with some boiling hot water to make ramen while Mia opened up the mini fridge to make yogurt and granola. It was as if Poseidon was looking for a laugh because, at the perfect time, Vela hit a huge wave, and everything flew. Yogurt flew all the way across the salon, boiling water splashed everywhere, and somehow salsa even ended up on the floor of the galley. In the midst of all this chaos, I stepped in some of the spilled yogurt and had to wash my foot in the galley sink (eew). Once we finally recovered from our laughing fit that put us both on the verge of peeing our pants, Mia prepared to put everything back into the mini-fridge. Once again, Poseidon struck. The newly returned contents of the mini-fridge flew everywhere, hitting Jimmy in the foot and spreading even more yogurt throughout the galley. This time, I needed to leave the room and take a break in order to avoid the embarrassing reality that I was very much about to pee my pants.

This morning, watch flew by. We traveled throughout the Vela time warp, listening to some oldies and jumping forward to December to jam out to some Christmas music. Around 9:30, Mia, Jimmy, and I once again found ourselves in the galley. This time we were making ourselves a delicious cup of coffee. Today we found out we each have very different tastes in coffee. Jimmy goes with straight black coffee, I go with coffee with milk and sugar, and Mia goes with milk with a splash of coffee.

After watch, we were blessed with Max’s delicious deli sandwiches. He only spent an hour and a half cutting up onions… not too bad! I personally was afraid of the wet deli meat, so I went with a carrot, lettuce, and onion sandwich. It was shockingly good! In the quick intermission between lunch and class, Alison, Wilks, Mia, Amelia, Anna, and I found out you can fit six people into one very little Vela bottom bunk. We watched an amazing episode of Family Guy before playing our marine bio review game. My team they were the waxing themselves with duck tape team, instead of the paying attention team, and got a solid 4 points while the other team, the team already studied, came out with over 20. Next, we watched the movie Maiden, a documentary about the first all-female team to race around the world. I highly recommend the movie to anyone who is interested enough in sailing or people living on a boat right now to make it this far in the blog. It is a really good movie. Max once again served up a delicious meal for dinner. We devoured his spaghetti with red sauce and ground turkey. Tragically for those of us that still like the bland flavors found on the kid’s menu, Max made the turkey spicy!!

As I stressed about writing this blog after dinner, Emy and Zoe came in and serenaded me with a song about me writing the blog. They then continued to make their way around the chart house, singing all about Allie’s shampoo use as she showered (it’s not Hibiclens!!). I took a quick break from writing to enjoy my very first Atlantic bull ride. Matt, Jimmy, and I headed out onto the bow sprit to flake the flying jib. Bouncing up and down while trying to control the sail was exhilarating but lots of fun. I’m now going to watch a movie and sleep before our 4-8 watch.

To mom, dad, Lex, Jordan, and everyone else following along from home… I love and miss you guys more than words can describe. I’m heading your way!! Can’t wait to see you guys soon, but I’m having a blast. Have a great thanksgiving, and eat loads of pinkle sauce for me!

To Vela: This is my last time as skipper, so I thought I should say a final goodbye. This boat and everyone on it will forever hold a special place in my heart. I love you all, and I will cherish every second of the next 26 days with you.

Shout out to Matt and Sam… love you guys <3

Hi to the family!!! Life is crazy here. It’s amazing. Every day is a wild ride!!! Love you and miss you all so so much! I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving!! – Alison

To Julia’s parents: she’s alive!!