Location: 36˚ 21.2 'N / 048˚ 02.1 'W

Living aboard Vela, we always find ourselves surrounded by others. When you live on a boat with a crew, you always have company. Today, we had unexpected and unusual yet absolutely wonderful company. As Watch Team 2 (I’m on this watch) prepared to end their watch at about 7:15 AM by blasting Flo Rida songs (don’t worry, the engine was on so people who weren’t on watch couldn’t hear music), a couple of pilot whales appeared swimming off the port side of Vela! We paused the music and hurried over to catch a glimpse before they left. We thought they were gone by then. However, this time they decided to hang around for quite some time. Everyone got pictures. We told people who were sleeping, and many of them jumped out of bed to see our unexpected visitors. There were even some dolphins jumping around as well. After observing the beautiful creatures, I got my disposable camera and was able to get some shots of the pilot whales and some shots of crew members looking out at them. It was pretty cool. It was an extraordinary way to start the day.

Following the whale sightings, some Watch Team 2 members went back to bed (not me, I did my laundry, and it took me like 2 hours, oops) in order to get some rest before lunch at 12. Watch Team 3 took over. The sea was extra calm today. It was so smooth that it appeared as a mirror. Everyone was amazed at it and how unusual it looked. We had yummy quesadillas for lunch (thank you, Josh, Ines, and Savanna). After lunch, we began working towards learning CPR and the First and Secondary Response Course in case of an emergency. We had delicious shepherd’s pie for dinner, and then we all went off to do our boat jobs. I’m the skipper, so I am currently writing this blog while everyone does their own job. We are now more than halfway through the first passage of crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Although many are eager to get to the Azores and explore the land, we are all truly enjoying and getting the most out of passage life. Every day is completely different, yet the same. It is so great to see how we all grow closer together every day as we get to know each other better. Living on a boat is a wonderful experience, but the people aboard (and sometimes cool whales and jellyfish) are what makes it even more incredible. Personally, this whole experience has changed and probably will continue to change my life forever.

Photos: Savannah, Ceci, Paige, and a sunset – Pilot whales from today – Case and Amos selfie on Ceci’s phone

P.S. Soy Grillo. Espero que esten leyendo esto asi yico. Los extrano y los vere muy pronto <3