Location: Statia

Hey Team!

It’s your skipper here! Sorry for the late post. Let’s just say writing doesn’t sit so well with me while underway. So here is a RECAP for you:

Today is day 71.. and it has been a pretty wild ride. Today started with some slow wake-ups (strong emphasis on slow). Once again, our culinary artist Kebo used his refined culinary skills to whip up some yogurt and granola right out of the packages. After a delectable meal, we finished our cleanup and headed to shore for a morning on Statia. Carli, Waring, Ashlyn, and I found ourselves in the coolest little cafe, where we enjoyed some coffee to pump us up for a study session. While most explored the island, Mia, Sydney, Kate, and Ryan ventured out to Mt. Quill to hike up to the crater. At the cafe, we found ourselves in the midst of a community gathering for the World Cup game of Holland against Qatar. While I am not a soccer fan myself, it was pretty amazing to watch a bit of the World Cup game played by Holland while being in the Dutch Caribbean. After enjoying some food, some of us decided to explore the island further. Once shore time came to an end, we gathered back at the dock and headed to the boat to begin our classes for the day. First, we had Oceanography with Heather, where we played a game of Jeopardy for our exam review! Mia was the last, but not the least, leadership presentation. In this class, we all discussed the importance of recharging and renewing. I will definitely be taking a few notes from that class. After leadership, we began our final passage prep!

Jack lines were set, and jib sheets were prepared and ready to go. Our skip Kate led us through the sail plan, but she didn’t mention any specific ETA. Our post-dinner squeeze question left everyone giving their best guesses for the ETA of our last passage. After dinner, breakfast for dinner cheffed up by Kebo and sous, we raised anchor and set off! Mia and I led the sail raises while Kebo and Kate worked on our navigation plan and course for the first leg of passage. My team, watch team one, was on watch from 9 pm-12 am, where Kebo and I spent our time on bow watch being drenched by the waves. Despite being soaking wet from my bow watch, the stars on passage never fail to amaze me. Well, that’s all I have for you folks! It has been one bitter-sweet final passage, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

I miss you, mom, dad, Jack, Maddie, and all my friends and family back at home. See you in a few!

Photo 1: Watch team 1 Selfie!

Photo 2: rainbows, rainbows, and rainbows

Photo 3: study session in Statia

Photo 4: Watch out for goats!

Photo 5: Oh, OStar, we love you

Photo 6: Takin out the trash

Photo 7: Choco milk!!!!!!

Photo 8: The hike crew

Photo 9: Syd lookin at dolphins!

Photo 10: Aidan takin the helm