Location: Wells Bay, Saba

In my opinion, this was by far the best passage yet, as I was not curled up by the cap rail for any of it! This morning I had been terrified for the day, but as skipper, I got to blast music in the salon starting at 7 am. I knew the gophers were mad at me because they couldn’t hear each other, but I needed to dance it out with Katie for a few minutes. During breakfast (my favorite – zucchini bread!), we created a sail plan to try to raise sails more efficiently. Our plan immediately failed because the anchor was caught on something. But we raised five sails by ourselves today, and I was so proud of everyone, especially Eva and Doron, for leading sail teams. During class today, some interesting conversation was sparked as we got to learn about laws on the high seas, of which there are basically none. My favorite moment of the day was when I was lying on the deck, and Casey dropped pistachios on my head. I was again terrified because the other day, I found an isopod in my ear during rescue diver 10. The pistachio reminded me of it.

Arriving in Saba, we watched longingly at the peaks which seemed to rise out of nothing. This island is Heather’s favorite, and I can already see why. I am so excited to see more of it.

Oh, and today is picture day on the Ocean Star.

Love you, family, Sin Bin, and D!

This is Clara and Sara sneaking in here in the midst of the night. We are full of sugar and coffee; we have so many things to say… so many secrets to spill. Is that Sam that we hear rumbling around in the background?? We have to go for now but stay tuned for additional late-night musings…