Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

Sometimes the best part of a book chapter is towards the end. The characters have been built up, the plot laid out, and the interesting scenes unfold to give suspense for what comes next. Thats what these last weeks on Ocean Star are, each student now knows one another like family, and there are conversations abuzz with trips and meet-ups after the program. As we do what many consider are the best tours of the trip and really get to see the heart of Dominica, its scenery and people, theyve come together in a special way. Today was filled with one waterfall after the next, driving through the center of Dominica, seeming to leave no river nor valley untouched. Down dirt roads seeming too small for a motorcycle, let alone two vans, we drove past many a smiling farmer and confused commuters wondering why their usual drivers were speeding past with a gaggle of Americans. The end of our rain forest swimming tour was capped with the north face of the island, wreathed in ancient ferns and lush mountains; as we descended a short way to a cold sulfur spring with mystical rain setting our scene, one could only stand in bewilderment at the beauty of the hills. Of course, a quick stop for ice cream ensued before heading back home to enjoy a hot meal made with love by Steve.

Ps. the nights here have been filled with flying ants attracted to the lights of our rig…