Location: Road Town to Great Harbour Petrer

Dear parents friends and significant others, In conversations with your respective shipmate you may have begun to notice a slight change in unfamiliar vocabulary and the slurring of some words. Not to worry its not a recent speech impediment or swollen tonsils, this is a common issue most Sea|mester students experience. What is happening is they have developed an acute set of useful nautical expressions while living on board thus far, most have become very savvy using the proper terms to describe specific parts and areas on board the vessel. So if your student may say “The galley rubbish is in the boomkin tied to the stay, and the regs are in the laz with the dust caps on” it means everything is all good. “Irv and Exy are on the chalks and racheted down” then everything is great and ready for passage. But if “heads aren’t on dry bowl and the salon isn’t 40/40” then something might be amiss. Digressing, today has been another great one while we awoke in the Capital of BVI’s known as Road Town, to the rocking of the boat by local ferries. A hearty breakfast of Oatmeal ensued, then people were off to explore the city while staff provisioned and made final arrangements for our departure to St. Kitts. After moving the boat to our final anchorage in the BVI on Peter Island, our evening concluded with a walk through of a boat check (hourly checks and duties that must be preformed while on passage) before we begin our first blue water passage tomorrow. setdate:2012-09-28